/Get Around in Varanasi

Get Around in Varanasi

Note that many streets are too narrow to be reached by cycle-rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, and car and therefore, you may have to walk a bit to reach your destination.

By Foot

By foot is the only way to see the waterfront and the ghats – but be ready to be hot, sweaty, and lost – locals are usually happy to point you in the right direction. The names of ghats and signs pointing to restaurants and hotels are often painted on the walls in Roman letters. For better orientation, walk into any book store and pick up a small guide/map book that will have the list of all the ghats and their historical background.

Walking Tours are operated by many companies, with the cheapest being the daily tours operated by Stops Hostel (₹100 plus transportation, 3 hours). Walking tours are a great way to see some of the harder-to-find sights such as the Flower Market and Ayurvedic Herb Market.

By cycle-rickshaw and auto-rickshaw

The chaotic streets of Varanasi are sometimes too much to handle by foot. Therefore, it will often be convenient to travel by cycle rickshaw or auto-rickshaw. A short journey of a few kilometers should cost under ₹50, while a longer journey within the city, such as between the ghats and the train station, will cost more. Further journeys, such as to Sarnath (10km), cost approaximately ₹200 each way by auto-rickshaw. you can also take a “Shared rickshaw” to save money, be patient and insist on wanting a shared one.

There is a pre-paid auto-rickshaw stand at the Varanasi Junction (Cantt) train station.

By car or taxi

While taxis and cars-for-hire do exist, traffic makes them impractical.

By bicycle

Bicycle rental is available from many vendors. Inquire at your hotel.