/GrownUp! Cigarette is Just Starting…

GrownUp! Cigarette is Just Starting…

Are you in varanasi (Benares) ? Wow you are very lucky. Hopefully you have listed or visited already beautiful ghats, temples and other historical places in varanasi. But are you missing something? i mean something different from all places. Ok Let me correct myself its not different its amazing feeling and which makes varanasi sometimes more special from other places in the world.

Bhang and ganja is something different than smoking and cigarette. Cigarette is just starting.


You will be surprised to discover such places in holy city varanasi. But yes such places exist. You can easily locate Mendicants and Aghora Sadhus – sitting at a corner on the steps on the ghats and smoking ‘chillum’- a small earthen pipe used to smoke marijuana.

Bhang and Ganja

Bhang is a mild liquid refreshment made with its leaves. Ganja is prepared from the flowers and upper leaves and is more potent than Bhang.

Ganja in varansi is most popular and culturally viable activity. Consumption of bhaang (marijuana mixed with milk, sugar, poppy seeds, dried fruits and nuts) is ritualistic in Varanasi. You will see people smoking up or drinking liquid marijuana quite liberally, for religious reasons of course!

Green Lassi and Thandai at Assi, and Blue Lassi at Godowliya are the two stations you need to keep high up on your list. A word of caution though, hunger shall gnaw at your stomach with a ferocious zeal, after having downed a couple of glasses of Thandai laced with bhang. But then, there is no dearth of delectable food in the temple town.