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Sunrise Boat Tour

Every morning, Varanasi wakes up by offering prayers to the holy river. Just before dawn when the sun ascends on the horizon across the Ghats, pilgrims gather for the morning Aarti.
Varanasi’s ancient Ghats make the city a haven for pilgrims. The fragrance of incense, the sound of temple bells, the aroma of colourful flowers and reverberating chants welcome the day here.
But Banaras, Benares , Kashi , Varanasi and now in the time of hashtags the city of Lord Shiva. varanasi is a city that makes you get up early in the morning, for it is one of those cities where Sunrise is much more gorgeous than the sunsets, purely on account of its geography. Though this does not mean that your evenings will not have any activity in Varanasi, simply go to the mesmerizing.
You see Kashi is a city of many contrasts, in India where we celebrate life every day; people come to Kashi to die in peace. While Ganga maiya flows in opposite direction in Varanasi. The normal course of Ganga is from West to east, but in Varanasi, Ganga Maiya flows from east to west.
Due to Ghats being higher than the river bank, the Sunset in Varanasi is not a great spectacle as it hides behind the buildings, but the sunrise in Varanasi is spectacular as slowly you see the dark banks change colors and the first rays of a still yawning Sun, caress the frolicking waves around us.